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The Gallery

There are now 250 photo's from the London Marathon online and thousands from previous races
There are also pics from the Tresco Marathon. click on "photo's" above for the full gallery

Next G.P Race

Today :-        

The Cubert 5
Tuesday 3rd June 7pm

Why should you run?

  • Its only 5 miles

  • Its flat (ish)

  • Hayle will be the biggest team there - again !!

  • We have 101 runners entered so far

  • all these people are running

  • I'm asking you to

So what are you waiting for ? E-mail me now and I'll do the rest !!

This weeks training
(see training groups for all coached sessions)

Sean's Group

Sean has devised a 12 week plan from Jan to April. Full details are here

This Week:-

Craig's Group

We're going to target the Indian Queens half marathon. 12 week schedule. Details here

Schedule starts 13th May
This Week:-

Sorry I'm poorly !!! 

Sunday's run

27th April Hells mouth Carpark 9am for 8.7 miles everyone welcome

Track Sessions

Track starts again May 1st
Details to follow